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Welcome!  We are glad you have taken an interest in the Alpha Chapter of Psi Iota Xi.  Please take a moment to view our general information and purpose.  Further detailed information can be found using the side menu.  If you have any questions or are interested in membership, please contact us!


130 Chapters – over 3000 members

Psi Iota Xi boasts chapters in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. The chapters are divided geographically into six districts. Each chapter is governed by National Bylaws as well as local chapter bylaws and is presided over by the National Council.

Each chapter formulates its own philanthropic program, determined by needs of the local community. Each member has the obligation of helping to establish the program she wishes the chapter to follow and to work on the various fund raising projects necessary to carry on the work of these programs.

Community service, as well as financial donations to philanthropies, makes up the work done by the members of Psi Iota Xi. A large amount of money is spent annually in Psi Iota Xi communities by the combined efforts of all the chapters, as aid to those less fortunate.





Our Mission and Purpose as defined by the Psi Iota Xi By Laws is to further the philanthropic, cultural , and social enterprises both locally and nationally.



Turquoise Blue and Old Gold



rose clusterYellow Roses




A gold pin with turquoise plate as shown here.



As a loyal member of Psi Iota Xi, I believe
in furthering charitable enterprises, in
studying the best art, literature and music and
in developing myself socially, morally and
intellectually.  May we, with God's help
advance in these fields of endeavor.




It is a noble thing to give good cheer to those
less fortunate about you.  Let us then be of
good cheer that the lives of those about us may
be enriched.




So here’s to the Psi Iota XI,
Wherever she may be,

May her friendship never die
But live to eternity.
May she be true to the turquoise blue,
and reverence the dear old gold;
Ne’er say farewell, but just adieu,
And prosper a thousand fold.
So solemnly we take our vow,
Never to forget,
And sing her praise a thousand ways
From coast to bare inlet.
The present day will pass away,
But in the future years,
The thought of you, the gold, the blue,
Will fill our eyes with tears;
The thought of you, so good, so true,
Will fill our eyes with tears.