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Psi Ote of the Year


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Each year, prior to National Convention, each chapter is encouraged to submit a nomination for the National PIX of the Year award, which is presented (as a surprise) at National Convention. Nominees should be members who have shown dedication and service to their chapter which is clearly above and beyond the rest. 

Our choice for the Alpha Chapter PIX of the Year for 2013-14 was a no-brainer. The Alpha Board unanimously approved our nominee…she consistently gives Alpha Chapter 110%. We surprised Nancy at the September Chapter Meeting and presented her with a framed certificate and flowers. Last year’s President Margo Oesterle read Nancy’s nomination (see below) to the membership. Nancy’s dedication and the time she has given to Alpha Chapter is amazing! (Please note that the nomination could not mention any names, town, chapter, etc.)


Why should this sister be named Psi Ote of the year?

Our nominee is the behind-the-scenes glue and force that keeps the (very old) building which houses our philanthropic
project held together! Only a few realize how much she does and the time she puts in…and even they probably don’t
know the full extent of her efforts. She just takes care of things! She has held a board position that puts her in charge of taking care of our building for 10 of her 17 years of membership! And, she has contributed to the care of our building even in the years she was not “officially” serving! Her skills and devotion to PIX have saved our chapter literally thousands of dollars, allowing us to put more money back into our community through philanthropic grants.

If there is a massive problem like flooding in the basement, or a smaller task like making a sign, she is on it. She handles repairs, emergencies, installations and both indoor and outdoor maintenance and cleanup. And, when she does a job, it’s done professionally and correctly…no shortcuts or “make-do’s”. She has very high standards and the skills to back them up. When there is a need, she puts in as much time and effort as is necessary to address the issue. She also knows when it’s necessary to get help…whether it’s Psi Ote sisters or hiring a professional…and she is knowledgeable and skilled at getting others “on board”, at presenting a well-documented plan to requesting funding, and at interviewing and hiring outside workers when necessary. When you work with her, she takes the time to explain not only the “how’s” but also the “why’s”….and you learn while getting the job done!
To list a few of her efforts:
• She has built and installed wall racks, shelving, storage units
• personally planned and completed renovations on our building many times
• plastered, painted, weeded, repaired, planted, trimmed
• researched and contracted for an alarm system
• researched and contracted for a new roof (which involved getting on the roof!)
• made and installed signs, railings, displays
• installed replacement doors, complying with Historical District rules
• personally worked on our HVAC unit…multiple times!
• if our locks freeze, she is the one who takes care of it
• facilitated snow removal every winter
• facilitated repaving the parking lot
• monitored the building (pipes) during freezing weather (BIG job this year!)
• hired and supervised cleaning staff and any maintenance work she can’t do
• takes the trash out! (involving driving to our building the night before or before the trash truck comes at 6:30 am!)
• organized and worked on grounds clean-up, including the installation of a fence
• served on a board for 10 years, which means attending an additional meeting each month on top of completing the duties of her office.

This list could go on and on. We are limited by space and by trying to keep this a secret and only asking a few members for their memories. Hopefully, when this nomination is read to our chapter, it will bring out more stories. That is actually the main purpose of this exercise. Those of us who have even an inkling of what she has done for so many years want the rest of our sisters to know what a treasure we have and see what a truly loyal Psi Ote has done…not for any recognition…just to make our chapter better. Honoring her contributions to our chapter is way overdue! In addition to giving countless hours and energy to our chapter, she also volunteers for the Red Cross and runs her own
business! When it was suggested we nominate this sister for National PIX of the Year, every single sister asked, endorsed it …
emphatically! That says something. Our old building is very challenging to care for. She has done an amazing job keeping our high maintenance building in good repair in addition to fulfilling her other responsibilities as a Psi Ote member. Her talents and efforts have been invaluable to our chapter. This loving, fun, capable and loyal Psi Ote is definitely our chapter’s Psi Ote of the Year. We are proud and lucky to call her a sister and a friend.