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Over a million dollars has been granted from the fund since its inception.

A generous bequest from Mary Youse Maxon in 1984 resulted in the establishment of the Psi Iota Xi Charitable Endowment Trust. Alpha Chapter uses earnings from the trust to award endowment grants and scholarships.

Any member of Alpha Chapter in good standing is eligible to sponsor a grant proposal. Presentations are made in March to the membership. The Endowment Request Committee consists of the current Alpha Board President, the President, Vice President and Treasurer of Charities, Inc. and 3 members appointed by the President of Charities, Inc. serving staggered 3-year terms. The committee reviews the grant requests, surveys the membership, and makes recommendations for distribution of the funds to the Charities, Inc. Board for approval. The approved resolution is then presented to the Alpha Board for their endorsement. Endowment grant request guidelines are as follows:

  • Each Grant Request must be sponsored by two or more active, golden honorary active, honorary active or sustaining members in good standing.
  • The Sponsors shall act as liaisons between the requesting organization and the Endowment Request Committee.
  • The project should be in keeping with our sorority goals, enhances the quality of life in Delaware County, and has a positive and lasting effect on our community.
  • The requested funds should be for not less than $10,000, be matched by the recipient whenever possible, and not be for operating expenses (wages, maintenance, ongoing expenses, etc.)
  • The Grant Request should be for an even amount (i.e. $12,000, not $11,985.)
  • The Grant Request should clearly outline the project, stating specifically (itemize) how the requested funds will be used.
  • The organization should email or mail the completed Grant Request form to the Endowment Chair. Requests received after the deadline will not be accepted under any circumstances.

2022 Endowment Grant Awarded  

A rich tradition of our chapter history includes the distribution of grant funds from our PSI Iota Xi Charities, Inc. Charitable Endowment Fund.  This fund was established with a gift we received 37 years ago from member, Mary Maxon, upon her death.  Working within the bylaws and the guidelines of the endowment fund, we continue to enjoy the reward it brings to be able to make a difference in our community each year from the monies provided from this fund.

The Committee would like to thank the grant sponsors for submitting all of these grant requests.  We thank them for taking the time to prepare and submit these applications.

  The Endowment Committee has completed the member survey process and is pleased to inform the membership the following grant awards totaling $50,000 have been approved.

Þ $18,500 to A Better Way services for replacement of their roof and repair of interior walls damaged by water leaks.

Þ $27,200 to Muncie Arts and Culture Council & East Central Neighborhood Association for upgraded electrical system at the Emily   Kimbrough House.  This request is partial funding, but the full amount needed to     upgrade the electrical system

Þ $4,300 to Psi Iota Xi Charities, Inc. for deposit in the Capital Improvement Fund.

Thank you Endowment Committee members: Julie Terhune, Becke Bly, Kathie Nix, Magi Sikora, Marcia Kelly, Jan Peirson, and .Joanne Baierwalter, Endowment Committee Chair