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Philanthropic grants have been awarded since 1963 to a number of Delaware County organizations and programs. To date, close to one million dollars have been awarded from Psi Iota Xi Charities, Inc.

Individual members make presentations on behalf of worthy grant applicants at the November meeting each year and all members then are surveyed for their recommendations of recipients.


Voting members of the Philanthropic Committee are the current Philanthropic Chair and Assistant Chair, the immediate past Philanthropic Chair, the current Alpha President and the President of Charities, Inc. The committee receives and reviews the written grant requests, then reviews and interprets data from members’ opinion surveys and prepares a recommendation for the distribution of funds which must be approved at a general meeting.


Funds made available each year for the Philanthropic Grants are approved by the Charities, Inc. Board of Directors from Bargain Box profits.


Recipiants of the 2018-2019 Philanthropic Grants are:

A Better Way Services, Inc. $2,250

Cornerstone Center for the Arts, Inc. $2,000

Muncie Public Library $1,000

Masterworks Chorale, Inc. $ 750

MSO Young Artist Competition $1,600

Project Lifesaver $1,500

United Day Care of Delaware Co, Inc. $4,400

Youth Opportunity Center, Inc. $3,000

Youth Symphony Orchestra of ECI $1,500

Philanthropic Grant Chair: Debbie Dunne Philanthropic Grant Assistant Chair: Rebecca Gilliam Jennifer Williams, Past Chair Jan Peirson, President, Alpha President Julie Bering, Vice President, Psi Iota Xi Charities, Inc.