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Welcome!  We are glad you have taken an interest in the Alpha Chapter of Psi Iota Xi.  Please take a moment to view our general information and purpose.  Further detailed information can be found using the buttons above.  If you have any questions or are interested in membership, please check out our prospective members page and contact us!


Over 100 Chapters – Over 3000 members!

Psi Iota Xi boasts chapters in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, and Kentucky. The chapters are divided geographically into six districts. Each chapter is governed by National Bylaws as well as local chapter bylaws and is presided over by the National Council.

Each chapter formulates its own philanthropic program, determined by needs of the local community. Each member has the obligation of helping to establish the program she wishes the chapter to follow and to work on the various fund raising projects necessary to carry on the work of these programs.

Community service, as well as financial donations to philanthropies, makes up the work done by the members of Psi Iota Xi. A large amount of money is spent annually in Psi Iota Xi communities by the combined efforts of all the chapters, as aid to those less fortunate.


The purpose of the Sorority shall be the furthering of the Philanthropic enterprises.


Turquoise Blue and Old Gold


The Yellow Rose


– The emblem of membership in the sorority shall be a diamond -shaped pin or charm of gold, the surface of which, with the exception of which a tiny edge, shall be turquoise blue emblem.   On this shall be embossed the Greek letters of the Sorority.

FIRST Greek letter organization of its kind in Indiana.

FIRST Women’s organization to contribute to Riley Hospital for Children.

FIRST Organization to recognize the need for oxygen therapy equipment. 

FIRST Organization in the country to fund a speech and hearing mobile testing unit.

FIRST Women’s organization to contribute to the Indianapolis Symphony. 

FIRST Organization to provide speech therapy for pre-school age children.

FIRST Organization to start a recruitment program for speech therapists.

FIRST Organization to give financial support to the Metropolitan Opera Tri-State Regional.