BSU Scholarships Awarded for the 2023/24 Academic Year

Psi Iota Xi Alpha Chapter has 3 Scholarship Funds through the Ball State University Foundation.

Our 3 fund balances as of 6/30/23 on which spending rates would be applied for 2024 were as follows:

Founders Scholarship Fund 30064 $149,033.76

Mary Maxon Fine Arts Scholarship Fund 5767 $57,689.95

Smith Sisters Scholarship Fund 30114 $ 374.81

The following 10 student were awarded $11,892.76 in scholarships for the 23/24 year at Ball State University. 

Founders Scholarships: A total of $8,101.18 was awarded to:

· Caitlyn Higgins, Fort Wayne, Japanese Major

· Makenna Poindexter, Muncie, English and History Major

· Nathaniel Davis, Fortville, Music Education Major

· Krystiana Jackson, Muncie, English Major

· Savannah Alberson, Berne, Pre-Audiology Preparation Major

Mary Maxon Fine Arts Scholarships:  A total of $3,416.77 was awarded to:

· Spencer Bethers, Muncie, Theatre Major

· Gabriela Garza, San Antonion, Theatre Major

· Joelle Sokoloff, Missouri City, Theatre Major

· Ben Halperin, Maplewood Theatre Major

Smith Sisters Scholarship Fund:  A total of $374.81 was awarded to:

· Melissa  McVay,  Non-Traditional Student

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